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‘Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will’ – Dr. Nelson Mandela

Capstone believes in earning revenue and creating wealth for all its partners.

As Dr. Mandela so eloquently put it, is what we try to instil in all our traders, to give them the edge and the vision to think beyond targets and set their own personal benchmarks.

The idea behind the setting up of Capstone was to introduce this part of the world to the exciting opportunities that online global trading brings with it. And yes there is no magical recipe, no stargazing but plain and simple mathematics to venture into successful trading

Thus with each of our trader, there is the creation of wealth for each and all but there is also a legacy of scientifically finding their way through the annals of the global stock market by applying plain logic and algorithms. If we have managed to that successfully, we have managed to create a market for the future, which is fair and robust.

Every trader whom Capstone has mentored understands that hard facts and justifiable numbers wholly and solely support trading, thus reducing the margin for error and malpractice to almost naught. Now if we have won that battle we can be proud of what we have managed to achieve.

Our human resources are about to treble in India in the near future, and what we look for in our employees is a sense of purpose, the drive to learn and apply the best possible methods to even the most minute of challenges and a thirst to innovate and think afresh every moment.

The boundaries of global trading are ever changing and being remapped every other day according to shifting global politics, local policy changes and other key factors. Keeping abreast of all these developments and utilizing them to arrive at a fruitful conclusion of business every single working day is what we want to inculcate and expose our traders to.

We learn from them, they learn from us and everybody ends up making some money too! What’s not to like in here.

At the end of the day, if Capstone as a brand manages to inspire this generation of Indian traders to better themselves and to find their calling in successful global trading, we can proudly say that we have managed to achieve what we started out to do in the first place.