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If you have fifteen years of education and your heart’s in the right place, we could manage something together!

This is the philosophy behind Capstone’s success in a nutshell. Capstone aspires to be a brand that brings honest, hardworking people to join hands and create magic

In an industry where your legacy and goodwill could move mountains, it is important to choose the right thing to do under any circumstance. Each and every member of the Capstone family is tuned into the latest international laws, rules regulations and the strict procedures attached to online international trading. All our transaction follows ethical and approved Indian government regulations, so that every rupee we earn and spend is accounted for.

Trading in any form involves a two-way relationship and establishing this connect is based on transparency and commitment. This is central to ethical trading and at Capstone such relationships are established daily, nourished and nurtured with the right kind of decisions and actions

We believe in creating wealth for all. All traders are encouraged to indulge in healthy competition and beating the odds, but all actions are strictly monitored and controlled to avoid any malpractice. Our traders comprise one of the best talent pools of the country, handpicked and trained by the best from day one.

At Capstone we maintain an open door policy for all employees, so that a cheerful and stress-free environment is maintained, 24/7. Each and every Capstone resource is provided with equal opportunities to perform and succeed and no kind of favoritism and preferential treatment is entertained or tolerated

All HR policies are charted out and maintained in keeping with local policies and international laws. All employees have the right to express their grievance if any through the proper chain of command and are assured of strict actions and correctional measures if any.

Capstone believes in the honing and polishing of resource skill sets and thus practices the policy of ‘Earn While You Learn’. Employees are given all possible technical support and training that would help them better and would change their career paths forever. Fresh college graduates to seasoned professionals, each and every recruit is individually monitored and the best combination of training and learning is accorded to each.

Any brand that decides to have a lasting presence and impact should have a well-rounded corporate culture that benefits one and all. A sense of loyalty and respect should bind all the employees and the brand, the reverse being as true. If after a decade long presence, we have managed to crack this, then reaching for the skies seems just the beginning.