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Human Resource

Capstone recognizes its employees as the most valuable assets. Capstone is committed to upholding the highest standards in ethical and socially responsible behavior. Strict policies and procedures have been put in place to govern every aspect of our business.

Capstone is firmly committed to maintaining its long-standing reputation for the highest standards of integrity, ethical behavior and good corporate citizenship. It is a reputation each of you has helped to build and for which we can all be very proud.

Capstone invests in its people, by providing a wide array of training programs, when the people join the Capstone or when assigned a new designation. Capstone runs rank-based education and training programs for its employees. Through these programs, Capstone supports the self-development of its employees’ career and nurtures appealing, talented personnel. The company has introduced a compensation and benefits system based firmly on employees’ performance, deliverability, markets and professionalism.

Our corporate culture is defined by openness and fairness, and our teams of professionals, who come from diverse backgrounds, are one of the sources of competitive strength driving our growth as an organization.

Safeguarding our reputation requires steadfast compliance with the highest standards of business conduct and all applicable laws and regulations, on the part of all Capstone employees, in everything we do.

Capstone promotes Diversity

Capstone hires human capital with diverse backgrounds, as a result of achieving growth through repeated Mergers & Acquisitions and flexibly accepting new members into the company. Amidst diversifying needs and the globalization of businesses, Capstone pledges to remain a company where personnel with various backgrounds come together to work in a friendly environment for the betterment of the company whilst following the code of conduct of the company’ human resource policies.

To attain this, we have established the Diversity Policy based on employees' aspired corporate culture.

Capstone’ Diversity Policy

Diversity is the source of Capstone' competitive strengths. We believe that respecting new ideas, diverse experiences, and concepts and encouraging the fusion of these aspects will enable the creation of new value. Through the Diversity Policy, Capstone aims to grow together with its employees and become a company capable of providing the highest level of services to clients.

Capstone respects the diversity and individuality of all employees, irrespective of nationality, gender, age, career -level, or lifestyle, and strives to maximize our "differences" to achieve new levels of competitiveness and growth and provide our customers with the very best in products and services.

Maximizing the Potential of All Employees

Identifying talent and ambition through fair and appropriate evaluation, and providing the opportunity for all employees to maximize their potential.

Enhancing Our Individuality

Encouraging open and free-flowing companywide communication on between teams of professionals to inspire business innovation and creativity.

Finding Our Optimum Work-Life Balance

Striving to achieve a balance between personal happiness and company growth through effective incorporation of diverse work styles