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With its American roots and Indian ethos, Capstone has managed to make deep inroads into the trading sector in the last one decade.

Started by two stalwart American traders, and having been conceived on the lines of the world class NYSE and NASDAQ trading cultures, Capstone has come a long way in finding its footing in the still developing Indian market.

After putting together two success stories in America, it was an inspired decision to venture into the Indian market. And thus, in the year, 2004, Capstone came into existence as a small one point set up in Poona.

Starting out in Poona had its own challenges, as is the case when you embrace a new country, its culture, its laws and most importantly its people. Capstone took the first baby steps towards becoming the leader of online global trading in India.

As the years passed, Capstone managed to convince one and all about the robustness of the sector and the endless possibilities associated with online global trading that it had thrown up for the aspiring Indian trader.

Casptone had found its roots, a lasting connect and an ever extending family.

With its deep-seated belief in fair practices and above the board strategies, Capstone has endeared itself to its resources and to its partners.

Capstone believes in taking a scientific approach to the business of trading and gleaning out all odd and speculative practices.

Traders of the Capstone family are imparted world-class knowhow about trading procedures and the Ps and Qs of dealing with various markets across the globe. Capstone believes in generating healthy competitiveness and revenues and thus maintains strict codes of conduct and guidelines, which are adhered to at every level of business.

In a volatile world market, Capstone urges its resources to keep a level head and maintain the stability and composure that the intricacies of international trading demand every moment.

Ten years down the line, it is now time for the next level. Three more branches of Capstone are about to be unveiled across three corners of the country; Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Bangalore. Twenty Five Hundred People will soon be a part of the proud Capstone family.

The future holds so much promise and so many cutting edge ideas that there is just one way to go…It is time to reach for the skies As it gathers momentum and rises to welcome the next decade in India with concrete plans for growth and diversification, Capstone continues to be a symbol of transparency and healthy economic practices across the world.